Who are we?

Viper Protective Services, LLC is a consulting business. We offer security consulting and coordination services by providing individuals and businesses with off-duty officers who have permission to work part-time details in the state of Georgia.

What do we do?

Viper Protective Services, LLC helps individuals and companies find off-duty police officers to detail their events or businesses on a short-term or long-term basis.

Why should I choose Viper Protective Services, LLC?

Viper Protective Services, LLC has a roster of officers readily available to work details. This means we almost always have someone ready to assist. We do the hard part for you!

Do I have to pay Viper Protective Services, LLC and the officer(s)?

No. Once a rate has been agreed to for your detail, you will make payment directly to Viper Protective Services, LLC. We coordinate the officer’s schedule and ensure the officer gets paid for their time work. You will never have to pay two persons or entities. We handle the payroll for the officers so that means less stress for you during tax time!

Is Viper Protective Services, LLC a security business?

No. Viper Protective Services, LLC is a security consulting and coordination service. We help businesses and individuals staff their events or properties with certified, off-duty officers. The officers are actively employed through their state agencies and are independently contracted through us for details. 

Still have questions?

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